Blogging about Blogging

Some reflections on my fist month of blogging:

I learned that blogging, depending on your chosen content, can be a very time consuming but also a very enjoyable endeavor. The main skill that I have developed, is to listen with purpose.  I am just a little bit obsessed with politics and I know that my intake of “noise” is most likely higher than others as I never stop reading and listening to “news”. I have always listened from both sides of the political spectrum to gain insight into what people with opinions different from mine are saying – yes, this means that I read 10-20 “liberal” based blogs everyday but it also means that I listen to Sean Hannity, Glen Beck and Rush LImbaugh everyday as well…..masachist? yes, yes I am… I have taken Chris Brogan’s advice to heart from his article on how to write three blog posts per day – I used to tell myself to remember topics to research or write about, now I carry a note book and write the ideas down that spark my attention. The notebook acts as a source for ideas but it also acts as a filter for the noise.

The experience has been what I expected – I expected to gain an outlet for my energy and I have found it. Blogging in the context of taking a seminar class has also allowed for receiving feedback that I would not have access to if I was simply starting a blog on my own. It was surprising to me as to how easy it was to pull together a blog and maintain it. The wordpress site is user-friendly and the start up time was fairly limited. I was also surprised to see the amount of traffic to my blog given that fact that it is brand new.

A blog can be a useful tool for any nonprofit as it can be used as a “clearinghouse” of information for an agency. Information can constantly be gathered, recycled and sent out to their audience and the general public. Nonprofits can use a blog to enhance fundraising campaigns, seek out volunteers, engage interested parties or sponsors, highlight social issues and causes, promote events or gatherings or support or oppose legislation. All of this can be done in a platform that is free and has limitless possibilities.

A few of the nonprofit blogs that I have been interested in and following are:

Queer ideas – effective fundraising – I’m working on a fund-raiser for my community project and I have been trying to find quick tips and info so this has been interesting to read – Occupy Wall Street – I feel like this movement has changed the recent political tone and I feel that it will be a major player in the 2012 election – I also think that nonprofits should pay closer attention to the movement as they cover the issues that most nonprofits are tied to – nonprofits might not want to or be able to align themselves with the movement but they should be aware of the issues being raised by the movement – Beth’s Blog – this blog seems to have something everyday that I have not considered or even know about – my major weakness/issue is developing quality content and the advice here has been very informative!

The resource that I found to be most helpful is a tie between Chris Brogan’s blog and Kivi Miller’s blog. Both have provided a huge insight into the process of blogging and have really ignited an interest that I was not thinking about up until recently. I am scrambling to save as many of the links and resources that we have been exposed to as possible before the semester ends!