About Me

I am a Yankee at heart with a Southern soul. Born in Buffalo, NY & transplanted to Atlanta with 8 years in Philly in between. I do miss the north but I love living in Atlanta and can’t see myself ever leaving, unless of course New Orleans comes a callin’….

I am a soon to be graduating student at GSU (Georgia State University), working on a MSW (Masters in Social Work) with a concentration in Community Organizing, Development, and Planning. My ultimate goal is to work in the revitalization and improvement of Atlanta as a city and within my immediate neighborhood (http://o4w.net/about/) through community organizing and community planning. The Old 4th Ward is home to Ebenezer Baptist Church, the MLK National Historic Site and some of the grandest redevelopment projects planned in America over the next few years.

I am interested in social and political activism and education and I hope that this blog will work to further causes I believe are worth supporting. Another goal of mine is to enter politics and run for State or Federal office some day. At the moment I am just a Northern Liberal toughing it out in a red state and just hoping to make a difference where I can!

I’m not exactly sure what I will write about or what type of content I will focus on but most likely there will be Liberal, Progressive slant on national and local political issues. I am passionate about many issues, outspoken, and ready to take on the important work to foster change in the world and my community.

Thanks for Reading – Buffaloerik


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