What I Want……..

I want more people to get engaged like the folks in this Occupy Movement video. Watching this actually gave me goose bumps…I want people to have more access and a say in how their government works. I want people to worry less.

I want YOU to stop being AFRAID

of other Americans

of other Religions

of other Classes

of other Nations


#OccupyCongress Cop: ‘If This is Democracy – I Don’t Like It…This Sucks!”

Check out what the bike cop says at 7:27 into the video: “if this is democracy I don’t like it – this sucks.”

Do you think he means that it sucks that democracy allows for such public protest? or does he mean it sucks that we have to go to such lengths to prove a point or to get politicians to take notice? What do you think? Leave me a comment & Let me know!

The 2012 election will be dominated by the forces of social media messaging. What type of messages do you want to hear? What are the issues that burn you up or inspire you to action? Are you willing to inspire or open to being inspired?

 Are you willing to get involved? to make your neighborhood better? to help others around you? to clean up messes that you did not make?

Are you willing to speak up when you hear hypocrisy? Are you willing to embrace change when it comes? or act as an agent of change for others? 

I am so excited for this Fall – I want to see all of your faces in a crowd (check the cowd at 7:49), holding a sign and speaking up for the issues that you support and embrace – You are not getting any younger so you better start stepping up now…..

This is a beautiful thing – and the perfect song to go along with the video – Band of Horses – “The Funeral”


5 thoughts on “What I Want……..

  1. Erik,

    I am very impressed your Mom is following you. The biggest issue we have in social media is the generation gap. She does, also, make an excellent point. Perhaps the same point as the cop? What in the heck makes this democracy?

    The first thing we learn in social work training, or at least one of the first things I learned, is that there really isn’t much that is about TRUTH, but rather about PERCEPTION. So how do we use social media to bridge the divide of perceptions? Just a thought.

    I love your use of the video and sending us to specific clips so if your readers didn’t want to watch the entire 10 minutes they didn’t have to in order to get your point.

    Just remember that when you instill a sense of urgency and want to make an “ask” you need to be sure you are specific and prepared for the consequences of the action. Exactly what are we getting passionate about (besides being passionate) and what do you want us to do?

    You might find this study interesting…


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